Short-term Programs

Summer Programs

Options include 3 - 4 week site-based courses with TCU faculty or direct enrollment in summer school at our partner university, John Cabot University (JCU).

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Summer Internships

In partnership with John Cabot University (JCU), 9-week internships are offered in a variety of fields.

Summer Internships in Rome

Winter & Spring Break Programs

Learn more about TCU's winter break and spring break programs.

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TCU Global Academy

With a focus on developing skills and knowledge for global problem solving, students take a spring course at TCU and a 2-week summer course in Sicily.

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Global Scholars

Global Scholars is a four-year, curricular and co-curricular program that incorporates personal development, intercultural competencies, knowledge, and skills that enable students to be effective, informed global citizens. Early advising, intentional engagement, study abroad opportunities, and the development of a portfolio of global competencies are distinct features of the program.