The TCU Global Academy

What is the Global Academy?

The TCU Global Academy is an innovative study abroad program that brings together communities, organizations, TCU faculty, and students to explore global issues and solutions. This unique program gives students an opportunity to study a global issue in the classroom and then spend 1 – 2 weeks abroad working with organizations leading change. Students will explore multiple perspectives on the issue, see first-hand how other countries are solving problems, and engage in cooperative ways with community-driven projects.

Students in the Global Academy program must take both of the following courses, earning a total of 3 credits.

  • Spring 2023: INTL 30341: Exploration of Global Issues
    • 1 credit, 8 weeks, on campus.
    • This one hour seminar explores global issue(s) in an interdisciplinary context and prepares students for participation in global learning experiences. Various global issues that could be studied include sustainability, social justice, ethical leadership, healthcare, and development, with an emphasis on examining U.S. and global perspectives.
  • Summer 2023: INTL 30342: Engagement with Global Issues
    • 2 credits, in the abroad location
    • This seminar challenges students to use an interdisciplinary lens as they engage in global contexts with people and issues in the world. The course uses onsite investigation, field trips, and guest lectures to provide diverse global perspectives on the global topic.

Course attributes: GA (Global Awareness) credit

What does it take to be a global leader? It takes knowledge of global issues as well as skills such as collaboration, intercultural communication, and creativity. The Global Academy provides all of this and more! You will learn from a variety of experts providing different perspectives and work with innovative problem-solvers working on the ground, allowing you to develop and hone critical thinking, cultural sensitivity, task management, and communication skills.

Learn about complex issues and local efforts to problem-solve

Explore sites first-hand through an interdisciplinary lens

Apply knowledge and collaborate on problem-solving

Develop awareness of connections and personal responsibilities

The 2023 Program will focus on Migration and Human Rights in Sicily.

The spring course will take place on Wednesdays afternoons, 3 – 5 pm.

The summer course will be in Sicily, late May to mid-June

The TCU Global Academy is designed for the student who is hungry for challenge and an engaging learning environment. Students who enroll in this program must be curious, willing to work collaboratively, and maintain a high work ethic.

Priority for this program will be given to Global Scholars.

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