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Important Deadlines

Spring 2017 Scholarship Deadline: 09/15/2016
Spring 2017 Application Deadline: 10/01/2016
Summer 2016 Financial Aid Deadline: 11/13/2015
Summer 2016 Application Deadline: 01/15/2016
Fall 2016 Scholarship Deadline: 03/01/2016
Fall 2016 Application Deadline: 03/15/2016

Upcoming Events

  • 11 Feb
  • 15 Feb
  • 17 Feb
  • 23 Feb

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In the Spotlight


TCU in Florence Announcement

The TCU in Florence program is currently under review. The future of the program will be announced on February 11, one day later than originally scheduled.

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Larry Adams congratulates the first award winner, Zack Siegert.

Larry Adams International Experiences Award

Returned from study abroad? Nominations for the Larry Adams Award, which honors projects and activities by returned study abroad students, are due March 1.

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