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TCU Global Academy




The TCU Global Academy is an innovative study abroad program which brings together NGOs (non-governmental organizations), communities, TCU faculty, and students to explore global issues and solutions. The Global Academy is thematic in nature, focusing on understanding and collaborating on themes or global issues such as sustainability, social justice, ethical leadership, healthcare, and many other topics. The Global Academy is also designed to move to various corners of the world where the chosen theme is most paramount. Global Academies integrate:

  • Exploration of a global issue in an interdisciplinary context
  • Interaction with the culture including students, faculty, and community leaders
  • An interactive teaching/learning environment. Professors guide in the learning process while collaborating, teaching, and simultaneously learning along with the comprehensive team (faculty, students, and community leaders).

Are You Up to the Challenge?

The TCU Global Academy is designed for the student who is hungry for challenge and an engaging learning environment.  Students who enroll in this program must be curious, willing to work collaboratively, and maintain a high work ethic.

The Global Academy takes place in Panama focuses on sustainable development. Panama is an epicenter of research and innovation, and our partnership with the City of Knowledge provides an opportunity to work with NGOs from around the world. Past Global Academies in Panama have worked with Wetlands International, CATHALAC, MUCEC, and Voces Vitales.

Students selected to participate in the Global Academy will be working with NGOs, community leaders, and locals to explore global realities and propose solutions.  Students will be one of four team members, and each team member brings a different skillset and knowledge-base.



The schedule for the next Global Academy will be announced in February 2017.


TCU Global Academy Team

Dr. Tracy Williams, Associate Director of the Center for International Studies
Mr. John Singleton, Director of International Services

How to Apply