Study Abroad Basics

Exploring Options

Where can I study abroad?

What's the most popular location?

When is the best time to go abroad?

Do I have to know the language?

Can I apply to a program outside of TCU’s study abroad offerings?

If I am international student, can I study abroad?

Credits & Classes

In addition to the general information here, see your program’s “Course Info” tab for more specific information.

What kind of credit will I get?

My major is pretty strict. Can I still study abroad?

My major is ____. Where can I study abroad?

Are the classes hard?

Will I get grades for my courses?

Can I audit or take courses pass/no credit?

Costs & Scholarships

Isn't study abroad expensive?

What kinds of scholarships and financial aid are available for study abroad?

Do I have to be currently receiving financial aid in order to apply for a scholarship?

Getting Started & Applying

Are there eligibility requirements for study abroad?

How do I meet with a study abroad advisor?

How early do I need to apply?

Travel Questions

What is On Call International?

How do I apply for a passport?

What is a visa? Do I need one?

Do I have health insurance coverage while abroad?

What if I become sick while abroad?