Study Abroad Basics

Exploring Options

Where can I study abroad?

What's the most popular location?

When is the best time to go abroad?

Do I have to know the language?

Can I apply to a program outside of TCU’s study abroad offerings?

If I am international student, can I study abroad?

Credits & Classes

In addition to the general information here, see your program’s “Course Info” tab for more specific information.

Will TCU academic policies apply to my host program?

What kind of credit will I earn?

My major is pretty strict. Can I still study abroad?

My major is ____. Where can I study abroad?

Are the classes hard?

Will I get grades for my courses?

Can I audit or take courses pass/no credit?

How do I get exceptions to policies and regulations?

Costs & Scholarships

Isn’t study abroad expensive?

What kinds of scholarships and financial aid are available for study abroad?

Do I have to be currently receiving financial aid in order to apply for a scholarship?

Getting Started & Applying

Are there eligibility requirements for study abroad?

How do I meet with a study abroad advisor?

How early do I need to apply?

Travel Questions

What is On Call International?

How do I apply for a passport?

What is a visa? Do I need one?

Do I have health insurance coverage while abroad?

What if I become sick while abroad?