Health, Safety & Emergencies

On Call International

TCU partners with On Call International to provide a global assistance service with accident, illness and travel insurance. All TCU students, faculty and staff traveling abroad on TCU programs or business are automatically covered under the university’s plan at no cost to the individual.

On Call responds to critical medical or safety emergencies and can also help resolve non-critical day to day travel problems any time you are traveling outside your home country on TCU programs or business. For more information, review the On Call Resource Hub.

How to Contact On Call

  • Phone: +1 603-952-2062 from anywhere in the world, or +1 888-637-0447 from the U.S. & Canada
  • Email:
  • Text: +1 603-945-0103

Health FAQs

Do I have health insurance coverage while abroad?

How will I manage my health conditions, allergies, and other concerns abroad?

How do I take my medication with me?

What tools are available for me to share important medical information?

What if I become sick while abroad?

How can I support my mental health?

Where can I find more advice on staying healthy?

Safety FAQs

Is it safe to study abroad?

What are some safety tips and recommendations?

How will I get around? What about public transportation?

Is theft a problem?

How can I avoid accidents and injury?

Sex / Gender FAQs

How can I learn more about gender and relationship norms in my host country?

Harassment and assault can happen to anyone and are not the fault of the person who is targeted. Still, what can I do to increase my safety and the safety of my friends while studying abroad?

What do I do if I have been harassed or assaulted?

I’m a LGBTQ student. How can I find resources to support me?


Who do I call for help?

What do I do if I have been harassed or assaulted?

What do I do if my passport is lost or stolen?

What if I become sick while abroad?

Emergency Resources

In case of emergency, contact:

  • Your on-site director or faculty member
  • TCU Global (business hours): 817-257-7473
  • TCU Global after-hours emergencies: 817-257-0000
  • If phones are not working, email