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TCU-In Rome Summer Semester

Applications are now open!

Note all May/Summer 2021 programs are subject to cancelation depending on current conditions. A final decision will be made no sooner than February 2021.

The TCU-In Summer Semester allows students to spend their summer in an international and historically-rich environment, while studying at John Cabot University, an American style university in the heart of Rome. They can take part in internships while taking 3-4 courses.

Students study and live in Trastevere, along the Tiber River in the heart of Rome. This program offers many types of courses and internships, with strengths in Business, Communication, Fine Arts and Liberal Arts. No prior language is required to be accepted to the program.

John Cabot’s Guarini Campus

John Cabot University offers courses in three separate summer sessions (Session I, TCU Term, Session II). Students enroll in Session 1 and a second term (TCU Term or Session II), allowing two options for students in terms of courses and length.

Coursework counts as TCU credit and applies towards the TCU GPA. As part of the application, students must have 10 – 12 courses pre-approved through the Credit Approval Process. After admission, students will receive instructions from John Cabot on how to register for courses.


Students may take part in for-credit internships in Summer Session I, II, or both. JCU’s Career Services Center has partnered with many different industries, which they’ve  categorized in the following: Art, Culture, and Education; Business, Entrepreneurship, and Finance; Communications and Marketing; Healthcare and Psychology; Politics, NGO, and International Affairs.

For-credit internships in the Summer Session require 10 hours of in-class instruction (2 hours a week for 5 weeks), 100 minimum numbers of hours worked at the internship, a daily internship log, in-depth interview with internship sponsor/organization, and a 2500-3500 “White Paper” presenting a position or solution to a problem encountered by their employer.

The application requirements for the internship are junior standing and a minimum GPA of 3.0. The application process will be communicated once students have been admitted to the Summer Semester program.

TCU-In Summer Semester students will live in John Cabot University Housing, which is Italian in every way. All housing is fully-furnished with varied floor plans, aesthetics and furnishings. For the summer, students will live in either the Gianicolo Residence or the Lungara Apartments. Both housing options are included within the program fee.

Gianicolo Residence 

The Gianicolo Residence consists of over 70 varying apartments, as well as the JCU Housing and Residential Life Office itself, and it is located steps away from the Guarini Campus and a short walk to the Tiber Campus. The Gianicolo Residence offers security guards on duty 24/7, a regular cleaning service, internet connection, and air conditioning/heating. During the Fall semester, the Gianicolo Residence is an entirely alcohol free residence building and houses a number of freshman students.

Lungara Apartments 

The Lungara Apartments are conveniently located across from the Guarini campus and have the benefit of integrating students into a building complex with local Italian neighbors. Regular cleaning service is provided, as well as WiFi and air conditioning/heating. At night, the complex is accessible through a code-protected gate and there is a guard on duty.

Overlooking Trastevere

  Option 1, 9 weeks Option 2, 11 weeks
Program Fee, which includes:

-JCU campus services and amenities
-TCU-led activities

$2,300, collected as:

$500 Non-Refundable First Payment, to confirm your spot in the program after admission

$1,800 Remaining Balance/Final Payment, billed to your TCU Student Account

$2500, collected as:

$500 Non-Refundable First Payment, to confirm your spot in the program after admission

$2,000 Remaining Balance/Final Payment, billed to your TCU Student Account

Tuition 9 credit hours: $16,110 12 credit hours: $21,480

Estimated Additional Expenses:

Individual budgets are highly variable. This may include:
— Airfare: $1,400
— Books: $200
— Class Excursions: $300
— Meals/Groceries: $2,000
— Local Transportation: $200
— Personal Expenses: $1,000
— Travel Expenses: Highly variable

Billing & Withdrawals

Financial/withdrawal policies coming soon!

TCU is committed to supporting international opportunities for all Horned Frogs through scholarships and financial aid.  For full consideration for all types of awards and aid, students must complete the FAFSA. TCU’s school code is 003636.

Note that consistent with TCU’s desire to support study abroad, even students not generally eligible for need-based aid may be eligible for TCU-sponsored financial aid available for Study Abroad.

Visit the Scholarships & Aid page to learn about study abroad scholarships, through TCU and other organizations. In particular, Summer Semester applicants should look at the:

  • TCU Center for International Studies Scholarship
  • Need-Based Summer Grant
Semester Option Event Date
Option 1 Program Start May 19, 2021
Program Orientation May 20 - 23, 2021
Session I Classes Start May 24, 2021
Session I Classes Start June 25, 2021
Break June 26 - July 4, 2021
TCU Term Classes Start July 5, 2021
TCU Term Classes End July 23, 2021
Program Ends July 24, 2021
Option 2 Program Start May 19, 2021
Program Orientation May 20 - 23, 2021
Session I Classes Start May 24, 2021
Session I Classes End June 25, 2021
Break June 26 - July 4, 2021
Session II Classes Start July 5, 2021
Session II Classes End August 6, 2021
Program Ends August 7, 2021

Applications are now open!

Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum 2.8 GPA; petitions may be considered
  • At least two semesters in residence at TCU by the start of the program
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing at TCU
  • A valid passport (that will not expire until at least 6 months after your return)

Application Deadlines

  • Priority Deadline: January 20, 2021
    • This program will be doing rolling admissions after the Priority deadline.

Application Steps

If applications exceed enrollment maximums, a lottery system will determine admission.

  1. Complete the Global TCU Study Abroad Forms (already started an application? Login here to finish it).
  2. Submit the JCU Study Abroad Application. Do not pay the application fee or tuition deposit. All are waived for TCU students.

Essential Eligibility Requirements:

TCU encourages all students, including students with disabilities, to actively participate in the Study Abroad programs offered by the University. In partnership with the Center for International Studies, TCU Student Access & Accommodation helps to ensure the best possible study abroad experience for students with registered disabilities by providing reasonable and necessary accommodations during their time abroad.

Study Abroad programs include field components that require the ability to perform tasks beyond what is required in a typical classroom. Among other things, many programs require extensive walking and/or the ability to stand for extended periods of time; the ability to independently use public transportation; and/or sleeping in shared quarters. Program activities may take place in extreme temperatures (including excessive heat or cold). Housing facilities may lack central heat and air-conditioning, elevators, and other conveniences. In all cases, students should expect to transport and manage their own luggage through airports and public transportation centers. Prior to applying to specific Study Abroad programs, students should review the physical requirements for each program to ascertain whether they will be able to participate in all activities of the program. Students needing accommodations should follow the process outlined by Student Access & Accommodation.

Students requiring an accommodation to meet these or other program essential eligibility requirements must request any accommodation through TCU Student Access and Accommodation well in advance (suggest a minimum of 3 months) of the program departure following university procedures. TCU Student Access and Accommodation, located in The Harrison, Suite 1200, strongly recommends that students notify both Student Access and Accommodation as well as the TCU Center for International Studies early on to initiate the process of securing reasonable accommodations. If TCU determines that you do not, with reasonable accommodations approved through TCU Student Access and Accommodation, meet the essential eligibility requirements of the program, then you may not participate in the program. Each student’s request for accommodation will be looked at on an individualized, case by case basis, taking into consideration student documentation and the essential eligibility requirements of the program.

COVID-19 Expectations

Students must follow domestic and international laws and regulations regarding quarantine and must plan for and adhere to all quarantine protocols required by local authorities.  Health protection guidelines may include (but are not limited to) saliva or swab testing, possible quarantine or isolation, social distancing, the wearing of a facemask over nose and mouth, and unrecorded temperature checks as well as best hygiene practices such as frequent handwashing/sanitization and covering mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing.

Independent travel during weekends or academic breaks will not be possible as students could unwittingly be caught in rapidly changing border entry and exit and quarantine regulations. Students may also be required to quarantine upon return to the United States and/or to the TCU campus.

What might classes and program activities be like with COVID-19 rules in place?

  • Social distancing in all classrooms with face coverings worn at all times in the study center
  • A temperature check to enter the study center; temperatures are not recorded
  • Site visits and program activities are planned to insure social distancing
  • Classes may switch to online if needed due to self-isolation requirements

What happens if I get infected with COVID-19 and have to self-isolate?

  • The program team and our travel assistance providers (On Call) will assist you in accessing medical resources, via private doctors and where necessary or most appropriate, the public health system.
  • You may be moved to alternative student housing with a single room and dedicated bathroom with wifi until you test negative for COVID-19 and/or satisfy local isolation requirements
  • The team will provide information and support to assist you in ordering all food and other necessities and in switching to distance-learning to the extent possible. The cost of food and personal items during isolation are the responsibility of the student.
  • If you need to self-isolate due to exposure to a person with COVID-19 but have not tested positive, you will be assisted with arrangements and provided with specific instructions as to the location of your isolation as well as support for ordering necessary food items, etc…

What are rules in my host city for the prevention of spreading COVID-19?

  • You can expect to be required to wear masks in public, indoor spaces, such as museums, stores, and on public transportation.
  • Restaurants and cafes may be restricted depending on the situation, with socially distanced tables and other precautions in place. Dance clubs and larger gatherings (concerts, sporting events, etc) may also be restricted.
  • Temperature checks may be required to enter stores or public places or at airports.
  • Local health authorities may require PCR swab or other COVID testing based on symptoms and exposure.

What responsibilities do I have as a participant in the program?

We protect ourselves by protecting others.

  • During orientation you will learn what practices to follow in student housing and in the study center aimed at minimizing the possibility of spreading COVID-19 among your peers and the community.
  • You must wear face coverings where required by the program team or local regulations and to follow best hygiene practices.
  • You must be attentive to your health and stay home if you have a fever or any cold or flu-like symptoms and immediately notify the program team if you have such symptoms or if you test positive for COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone who tested positive.
  • You must adhere fully to any self-isolation requirements due to COVID-19 exposure or contraction of COVID-19.
  • You must adhere to any geographical restrictions on personal travel as determined by TCU or the program team.


Coming soon!