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TCU-In Seville

COVID-19 Travel Requirements

At this time, TCU will not require students to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to study abroad, to participate in an international program, or to participate in a domestic program away from the TCU campus unless proof of vaccine:

  • is required by the national or local authorities in the program location,
  • is required by the contracted program or logistical coordinator or the local program partner, or
  • is required by third parties to access or participate in required program facilities or activities.

The COVID-19 vaccine is the single most important action travelers can take to protect themselves and protect the host community. TCU strongly advises all students to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to traveling. ​The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns U.S. citizens to not travel until fully vaccinated.

For more information, see our COVID-19 Travel Requirements page and the specific requirement for TCU-in Seville students below.

TCU-In Seville is one of TCU’s flagship semester programs, where students immerse themselves into the culturally rich city of Seville. TCU-In Seville students take classes through the International Center at Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO), a Spanish university. Courses are taught by Spanish professors in English and Spanish, and students take classes with other study abroad students.

TCU-In Seville offers courses in a wide range of disciplines and is open to any student. They have a strong focus on Spanish language and culture and represent a great option for those interested in furthering their Spanish language skills. Many Spanish majors and minors at TCU choose to study abroad in Seville.

Seville is the capital of Andalusia, a southern region of Spain renowned for its beauty, history, spectacular festivals, and cultural legacies: tapas, bullfighting, and flamenco all originate from Andalusia.

La Catedral de Sevilla

COVID-19 vaccine required (including any booster or other requirement imposed by local or national government authorities or by host country/third party providers at the time of the program.)

At this time, TCU’s third party provider, CEA, requires all students be fully vaccinated to participate in this program. Details on what constitutes fully vaccinated will be communicated upon admission to the program.

Program requirements are dynamic. Students will be expect to comply with vaccine requirements of the host country or host country provider that are effective at all points before or during my program. Published cancellation fees apply.

(updated 6/22/2022)

Students enroll in 4 – 5 classes, which counts as 12 – 15 TCU credit hours. Courses are taught in English and Spanish, at a level appropriate for non-native speakers, and students take a placement exam at the beginning of the term to determine their language level. Prior to starting classes at UPO, TCU in Seville students also spend a week refreshing their Spanish skills at the Giralda Center in central Seville.

Credit returns as TCU credit and applies towards the TCU GPA. As part of the application, students must have 10 – 12 courses pre-approved through the Credit Approval Process.

Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO)

Universidad Pablo de Olavide is a public university with approximately 10,000 students. It boasts modern facilities and a sprawling campus, featuring bike trails, soccer fields, dining halls, a renovated library and a bustling student union. The UPO campus is connected by a new metro system that requires an easy 15 – 20 minute commute from central Seville. Students are encouraged to join the many clubs and organizations offered at UPO to connect with local Spanish students. The UPO International Center also facilitates a number of social and cultural activities, including language partners called intercambios.

For more information about how credits work, see our Study Abroad Basics page.

While you are abroad, you are enrolled in 12 hours of coursework as a placeholder. Your classes will not be posted to your TCU recorded until 8 – 10 weeks after the semester ends, when the transcript from UPO is sent. Once the Registrar receives your transcript, they will record the courses using the department codes on your Credit Approval Form (i.e., MARK, HIST) and the generic number 30790. Your dean’s office will apply these to your major / minor / electives / core as pre-approved. All coursework, regardless of program type, counts for grades and will be included in your TCU GPA.

You must abide by the academic policies and regulations of the host university, including but not limited to policies on:

  • Attendance / Absence policies
  • Add / Drop process
  • Grade Appeals
  • Final Exam schedule

TCU cannot override host university policies and regulations.

Group advising available to explain course options and the credit approval process:

Sign up for Group Advising

For Spring 2023, homestays may be available. Email for more information.

Students are required to live in housing provided through TCU and may request one TCU roommate. A single bedroom may be requested for an additional cost, but is not guaranteed. Housing options may include students from other universities supervised by CEA. There are two options for housing in Madrid: Casa de Sevilla or homestays. Students have the opportunity to request one TCU roommate, and both students must make a reciprocal  request. Occasionally other university students may reside in the same location.

Selecting a homestay allows students to live with local host families in Triana and Los Remedios, neighborhoods in central Seville. UPO is located about 15 – 20 minutes away by metro, but students have enjoyed living near the lively downtown area. Typically, two TCU students are housed together with one host family. These students share a room and are provided three meals a day, laundry, internet and limited local transportation passes as part of their homestay. The homestay offers an opportunity to develop language skills and learn about the culture. Host families speak little or no English, and English is not allowed in the home, so spoken language skills improve greatly outside the classroom.

Students electing the Casa de Sevilla option will have the benefits of independent living in an apartment with the comforts of a homestay, including meals, cleaning, and laundry. Students reside in a furnished apartment with shared bedrooms, bathrooms, study areas, and common living space. They are provided three meals a day, Monday through Saturday, as well as a load of laundry per week. Bed linens and towels are provided. Because meals are cooked for the students, they will have limited access to the kitchen.

Any damages to housing will be posted to the student’s TCU account after they return.

Semester Costs for 2022-23

  1. Seville Program Fee: Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 – $8900, collected as:
    $500 Non-Refundable First Payment, to confirm your spot in the program after admission
    $8400 Remaining Balance/ Final Payment, billed to your TCU Student Account before the semester begins.
    This includes:
    — Housing
    — Meals (3 per day)
    — Limited metro/bus passes to the university
    — TCU start-up and midterm activities
  2. TCU Tuition: $26,945
  3. Estimated Additional Expenses: For other outside expenses not included in the program fee. Individual budgets are highly variable. This may include:
    — Airfare: $ 1,400
    — Spanish Visa Fees: TBD
    — Books: $20 – $50 per course
    — Lab Fees: $100 (for science and tapas classes)
    — Personal Expenses: $2,000
    — Travel Expenses: Highly variable

Withdrawal Penalties:
Financial penalties are based on withdrawal date.

Deposit: Non-Refundable
Percent of Spanish Health Insurance
0-29 days prior to start of program 100%
Percent of Program Fee:
Withdrawal after November 15, 2022 100%

  • To withdraw from a program, you must notify the Center for International Studies ( in writing. Study abroad scholarships and aid will be rescinded and cannot be used towards penalty amounts.
  • In the case that TCU must cancel the program, the program fee (including deposit) and tuition will be fully refunded. Study abroad scholarships and aid will be rescinded.
  • Financial penalties will be billed to your student account.
  • TCU Tuition refunds are subject to TCU policies :(See TCU Undergraduate Catalog:, Bachelor’s Degree, Definitions and Regulations.)


Visit the Scholarships & Aid page to learn about study abroad scholarships, through TCU and other organizations. In addition, TCU-In Seville applicants should look at the:

  • TCU International Studies Award

Semester Event Date
Fall 2022 Program Start (Arrive by 5 PM) September 3
Fall 2022 On-Site Orientation September 3 - 11
Fall 2022 Classes Begin September 12
Fall 2022 Final Exams December 18 - 20
Fall 2022 Program Ends December 21
Spring 2023 Program Start (Arrive by 5 PM) January 14
Spring 2023 On-Site Orientation January 14 - 22
Spring 2022 Classes Begin January 23
Spring 2023 Holiday - No Class April 2 - 8
Spring 2023 Holiday - No Class April 24 - 29
Spring 2023 Final Exams May 11 - 17
Spring 2023 Program Ends May 18

Generally, Fall applications open in late January and Spring applications open in late June/early July

Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum 2.9 GPA
  • At least two semesters at TCU by the start of the program
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing
  • A valid passport (valid for at least 6 months after the program ends) by the application deadline to allow enough time to obtain a Spanish visa

Application Deadlines

  • Fall Programs:
    • Priority Deadline: March 15
    • Regular Deadline: March 31
  • Spring Programs
    • Priority Deadline: September 15
    • Regular Deadline: September 30

Application Steps

If applications exceed enrollment maximums, a lottery system will determine admission.

  1. Complete the Global TCU Study Abroad Forms (already started an application? Login here to finish it).

Study Abroad programs often include field components that require the ability to perform tasks beyond what is expected in a typical classroom. Many programs require extensive walking and/or the ability to stand for extended periods of time; the ability to independently use public transportations; and/or sleeping in shared quarters. Program and housing facilities may lack central heat and air-conditioning, elevators, and other conveniences. Unless prior accommodations have been made through TCU Student Disabilities Services, students must be able to transport and manage own luggage through airports and public transportation centers.

Managing your health and safety is an important component in having a positive experience abroad. TCU provides you with a number of resources to assist you:

  1. Prior to departure, you will have one or more orientations to cover specific health, safety, logistical, and cultural information. You will also receive a TCU-in Seville handbook.
  2. Upon arrival, you will have a three-day orientation including a walking tour, reminders of health, safety, logistical, and cultural information.
  3. TCU provides you membership to On Call International, a premier Global Assistance program. You can call On Call for any kind of travel, health, safety, or emegency issue, including:
    • help replacing a lost passport
    • help translating and interpreting
    • help with lost luggage, along with reimbursement for items needed while luggage is lost
    • assistance finding general and specialty health care
    • assistance with emergency refills of prescription
    • health insurance for your time abroad.

For more information, please see Health, Safety & Emergencies

Spanish Visas

Spain requires a visa for all TCU-In Seville semester-long or year-long students. The Spanish Consulate prefers that TCU act on behalf of students applying for visas. You will be given visa paperwork to submit to TCU along with a valid passport that does not expire for at least 6 months after your return from Seville.

Do not plan to travel outside the U.S. during the two months prior to your semester abroad because you must surrender your passport when you apply for a visa. Visa processing for Spain can take 4-5 weeks.

You will not need your round-trip flight itinerary before you apply for a visa, but you MUST have a round-trip ticket prior to departure for your program abroad.

Before Departure

You must attend the mandatory TCU-In Seville orientation. You should also review the TCU-In Seville Handbook and information about Preparing to Depart.

Arrival and On-Site Information

Upon arrival in Seville, take a taxi to the group hotel, where you will spend your first night. Friday through Sunday, the TCU-In Seville onsite coordinator will organize meals, walking tours and orientation activities. Your host families will pick you up from the hotel on Saturday evening.

During the first week, you will attend an intensive language review at the Giralda Center to refresh your language skills and prepare for university coursework. During the second week, you will tour the UPO campus, take a language placement test, attend academic orientation, receive your course schedules, and begin classes..

Because you are not enrolled in TCU classes, the TCU system will show 12 hours of coursework as a placeholder while you are abroad. Your classes will not transfer back to TCU until 8 – 10 weeks after the semester ends. At that time, the correct credit hours will be posted to your TCU record.

For more information about making the most of your experience abroad, see our While Abroad page