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Health, Safety & Emergencies

On Call International

TCU partners with On Call International to provide a global assistance service with accident, illness and travel insurance. All TCU students, faculty and staff traveling abroad on TCU programs or business are automatically covered under the university’s plan.

On Call responds to critical medical or safety emergencies and can also help you resolve non-critical day to day travel problems any time you are traveling outside your home country on TCU programs or business. View the one page summary and visit for further information.

Contact On Call at +1 603-952-2062 (from anywhere in the world) or +1 888-637-0447 (from the U.S. & Canada). Students should program this number into their phone.

Health Insurance

Students, faculty and students traveling internationally on TCU programs or business are automatically enrolled in health insurance through On Call. The provided health insurance coverage is only in effect for the dates of the program abroad. You will need to access your own coverage before and after program dates. We highly recommended you maintain your U.S. insurance while abroad.

Health Resources

Our goal is to provide resources for you to make wise and informed decisions about handling your health needs while abroad. On Call is an invaluable resource for preparing for a healthy trip and responding to health issues while abroad. Call or visit their website for destination guides, health resources and advice. For more advice and information, see our Health Resource Guide.

If you become sick while abroad:

Contact On Call at +1 603-952-2062 and also contact your local on-site staff. On Call provides emergency services, medical referrals, and insurance while abroad. You must contact On Call for payment and arrangement of all services. Certain services are not reimbursable if you make your own arrangements prior to notifying On Call.

Safety Resources

Our goal is to provide resources for you to make wise and informed decisions to make safe decisions while abroad. On Call is an invaluable resource for preparing for a safe trip and responding to safety issues while abroad. We cannot eliminate risk, but for more information on how you can make good decisions see the Safety Resource Guide.

We encourage all students to enroll in the U.S. Department of State STEP program to receive timely updates from the State Department about their host country.

Students must report any out-of-city travel to their program director or on 

Emergency Resources

In case of emergency, you have several resources available: Your on-site director or faculty member, On Call (+1 603-952-2062), and TCU Police (817-257-7777). Please review the Emergency Plan for more information.

Student Conduct Expectations

TCU students are known in the Fort Worth community and across the country as respectful, responsible individuals. We often hear the same from colleagues and friends abroad.

To maintain this positive image, undertake the goals of study abroad, and encourage your safety, we expect the following behaviors. Violations to these codes and policies will result in Disciplinary Action.


Alcohol & Drug Policies

Sex & Gender Issues

For more information, review the online orientation videos on our YouTube channel.