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International Internships


TCU offers full-time summer internships in Barcelona, Berlin, Cape Town, Dublin, Hong Kong, London, Milan, Mumbai, Paris, Prague, Rome, Santiago, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Toronto through CIEE Global Internships and IES Internships. Internships provide hands-on international experience that TCU students can apply in their classrooms, future careers and beyond.

Part-time internships, where students combine an internship with academic coursework, are available on many semester and summer programs, including TCU in London, TCU in Florence, TCU in Rome and many Partner Programs. Information on these programs can be found on the TCU Semester Programs and TCU Partner Program pages.


In all cases, internships are for-credit and unpaid. Students receive TCU residency credit that applies towards the TCU GPA. As part of their application, students must have their courses pre-approved on the TCU Credit Approval Form. Internship credits typically count as upper-division, general elective credit. Sometimes students can earn major or minor elective credit, but this depends on the internship placement and department policies.


Summer 2016 Costs

  1. TCU Tuition: Current cost per credit hour ($1,415) x the number of hours being pursued. For a 3-credit internship, this is $4,245. For a 6-credit internship, this is $8,490.
  2. IES Tuition Supplement: $100 – $1,100. If you are taking 3 credits, IES tuition is sometimes more than TCU tuition, so you will be charged a Tuition Supplement to cover the difference. Your supplement charge is IES tuition minus 3 credits of TCU tuition ($4,245).
  3. Program Fee: $1,400 – $2,600. This covers the cost of housing, may or may not include meals, and varies across programs. Consult the program-specific page for exact housing costs and details.
  4. Additional Expenses: Students are responsible for airfare, meals, personal spending money and other outside expenses not included in the program fee. Individual budgets for study abroad are highly variable.


TCU bills tuition and program fees and posts them to the student’s TCU billing account. However, students may be asked to pay their provider or host university directly for other incidental charges such as medical insurance, housing deposits, confirmation fees, textbooks or optional field trips. Summer charges typically post to student accounts in June

How to Apply

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Good academic and disciplinary standing at TCU
  • Minimum 2.8 GPA
  • Junior standing and above at time of participation
  • Some programs have additional prerequisites

Application Deadline

  • IES London: February 3, 2016
  • CIEE Internships: February 15, 2016
  • All Other Locations: February 17, 2016

Application Steps

  1. Complete the TCU Study Abroad Forms. Search for your program and “Complete the Forms”
  2. Complete the Program-Specific Application found on the CIEE or IES websites.
  3. Submit the Credit Approval Form with all signatures. Watch the video tutorial on YouTube.

Pre-Departure Information


Many programs require visas. If your program requires a visa, CIEE or IES will provide instructions on the visa application process. You may need to apply for your visa in-person, at the nearest regional consulate, which may or may not be located in your state of residence.

Do not plan to travel outside the U.S. during the two months prior to your term abroad because you must surrender your passport when you apply for a visa. Visa processing can take 6 – 8 weeks.

Before Departure

You must attend the mandatory International Internship Orientation. You should review Preparing to Depart, especially the Pre-Departure Checklist and Health & Safety sections.

You must also submit the pre-departure materials required by CIEE and IES. This may include housing questionnaires, passport copies, course registration, etc. Follow the deadlines closely!

Arrival and On-Site Information

Follow the instructions provided by CIEE and IES. This information will include when to arrive, how to meet your group, and where you will be staying. During your first few days, you will attend an on-site orientation led by your provider and/or university.