While Abroad

Academic Advice & Regulations

Will TCU academic policies apply to my host program?

Are the classes hard?

Will I get grades for my courses?

Can I audit or take courses pass/no credit?

How do I get exceptions to policies and regulations?

How do I register for the semester I return?

When will I get my grades?

Life Abroad

What will it be like when I arrive?

What is it like to live abroad?

How long will it take to adapt?

How can I make the most of my time abroad?

What does it mean to represent TCU abroad?


Can I travel in my free time?

How can I learn more about the culture?

How do I cope with culture shock and homesickness?

Alcohol and Drug Concerns

What are the dangers of drinking abroad?

What are the dangers of drug possession or use?

What are the legal consequences of misusing alcohol or drugs?


Who do I call for help?

What do I do if I have been harassed or assaulted?

What do I do if my passport is lost or stolen?

What if I become sick while abroad?