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Photo & Video Contest

How to Enter

Complete one entry form per photo, including a short description that relates to your selected category. Remember, you can only submit one photo per category. Video submissions can be emailed to or uploaded to a video streaming website. Please email the website link to your video submissions as well.

Deadline: TBA

Eligibility Requirements

  • Entrants must be TCU students, including recent graduates
  • Photos must be from a study abroad program
  • Students may submit one photo per category


  • Seeing the World: City life, nature landscapes, global differences
  • Embracing New Cultures: Food, cultural lifestyles, local traditions and activities
  • Education & Self-Discovery: Academics abroad and what you’ve learned about yourself
  • #FrogsAbroad: TCU pride abroad! T-shirts, signage, flags, etc.

Submit an Entry – Coming Soon