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Returning to TCU

Reverse Culture Shock

Culture shock is most noticeable when you leave your home to go to another country, but it can also occur “in reverse” when you return to the U.S. It’s natural to miss your international home. You may also find yourself negatively stereotyping Americans. These are all normal feelings that you will work through.

In the meantime, allow yourself time to readjust to your U.S. life. Seek support networks by meeting with students with similar interests and befriending international students.

Graduation Sashes

Students who study abroad for a semester receive a sash to wear at graduation. We reach out to former study abroad students each semester to confirm who is graduating and wishes to pick up their sash. Due to limited space, we are unable to keep a large stock of sashes on hand. If you do not hear from us at around two months prior to your graduation, please reach out to us to ensure we have a sash for you.

Applying Your Experience Professionally

Study abroad is an impressive experience to add to your resume, yet students often struggle to describe its transformative nature by explaining how they grew and what they learned while abroad.

To leverage your experience, highlight it in your resume and discuss it in interviews. Be prepared to share an anecdote that emphasizes how you overcame a challenge, gained a new perspective, etc. Here are a few other tips:

  • Include study abroad on your resume with the name of your foreign university or program in your Honors, Awards, or Recognitions section
  • Define the qualities reinforced by study abroad and show how they apply to the job, including dedication to a project, perseverance in attaining goals, creative thinking and problem-solving abilities, communication skills, adaptability, flexibility, initiative, self-reliance, willingness to be challenged, and broadened view of yourself and the world.
  • Describe specific goals attained abroad such as competency or fluency in another language or understanding of a different culture.

Visit the TCU Career Center for more advice about how to market your experience and for jobs in international fields.