Preparing to Depart

Resources and Materials

Read your pre-departure handbook. It is full of helpful information! 

Passports and Visas

How do I apply for a passport?

How do I keep my passport safe?

What do I do if my passport is lost or stolen?

What is a visa? Do I need one?

Flight and Travel Information

How do I make travel plans?

What are some travel tips?

What happens when I land?

How do I deal with jet lag?

Packing and Electronics

What should I pack?

Can I take my laptop?

How will my cell phone work abroad?

What should I pack in my carry-on?

Is there anything I shouldn’t take?

Money and Banking

What do I need to know about money abroad?

How can I withdraw cash from ATMs?

Should I carry cash?

Should I take credit cards?


What do I do about my housing in Fort Worth?

What will my housing abroad be like?

What will it be like when I arrive?

What is it like to live abroad?

Health and Safety Preparation

Where should I keep important health information?

Who do I call for help?

What should I do before I go to have a safe and healthy trip?

Do I have health insurance coverage while abroad?

How do I take my medication with me?