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We are excited to help you on your journey to studying abroad!

  1. To get the process started, check out Study Abroad Basics to learn about your options and general questions.
  2. You get credit for study abroad programs, and your questions on Academics Abroad are answered here.
  3. Next, learn How to Apply.
  4. All your questions on packing, making travel plans, and getting ready for your adventure are on Preparing to Depart.
  5. One of the most important ways to have a positive experience is to think about Health, Safety, and Emergencies.
  6. More tips on how to have a great experience are included in While Abroad.
  7. And finally, get your questions answered about Return to TCU

From the website, you can explore Semester Programs, Summer Programs, or Short-Term Programs. Or, you can browse all of our programs using the Program Search.


Conferences, Research, and Individual Athletes Abroad

If you are attending an international conference, traveling internationally to conduct research, or competing internationally, please complete the form for Individually-Approved Student Travel Abroad.