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TCU Approved Programs

TCU-Approved Programs are select study abroad programs sponsored by CIEE, IES Abroad, and SIT Study Abroad that offer semester study abroad and internship opportunities all over the world. Students receive TCU credit, pay TCU tuition, and can apply TCU financial aid and scholarships. They work with advisors from their provider or host university in addition to support from TCU Center for International Studies staff.

Credit on all TCU-Approved Programs returns as TCU credit and applies towards the TCU GPA. Classes count towards a student’s major, minor, core, or elective credit hours. As part of their application, students must have their courses pre-approved on the TCU Credit Approval Form.

Some classes are easier to find than others. It’s easy to find major and minor elective credits, general electives, upper-division hours, and much of the TCU Core Curriculum, including FAR, HUM, SSC, HT, LT and RT. It is harder to satisfy specific equivalencies for the major or minor and very difficult to find NSC, MTH, and OCO. Students cannot receive CSV, GA, and WEM on these programs.

2019 – 2020 Costs

  1. Non-Refundable Enrollment Fee: Variable. Paid directly to CIEE, IES, or SIT to reserve your space in the program.
  2. TCU Tuition: $24,580 (semester)
    $ 1,710 per credit (summer)
  3. Program Fee: $1,000 – $3,000 for housing and insurance. It may or may not include meals. Consult the program-specific page for exact costs and details.
  4. Study Abroad Sash: $50
  5. Additional Expenses: For airfare, meals, books, personal spending money and other outside expenses not included in the program fee. Individual budgets are highly variable.


TCU bills tuition and program fees for all TCU-Approved Programs. The charges are posted to the student’s TCU billing account. However, students may be asked to pay their provider directly for other incidental charges such as housing deposits, confirmation fees, textbooks or optional field trips.

Semester charges typically post to student accounts in January (for spring) and September (for fall).

Eligibility Requirements  

  • Good academic and disciplinary standing at TCU
  • At least two semesters at TCU by the start of the program
  • Program-specific prerequisites, which often include GPA requirements

Application Deadline

  • October 15 – for spring programs
  • March 15 – for fall programs

Application Steps

  1. Complete the TCU Study Abroad Forms. Search for your program on Global TCU and “Complete the Forms”
  2. Submit the Credit Approval Form with all signatures. You can watch a video tutorial on YouTube.
  3. Complete the Program-Specific Application found on the CIEEIES or SIT program page


Many programs require visas. If your program requires a visa, your study abroad provider (CIEE, IES or SIT) will provide instructions on the visa application process. You may need to apply for your visa in-person, at the nearest regional consulate, which may or may not be located in your state of residence.
Do not plan to travel outside the U.S. during the two months prior to your term abroad because you must surrender your passport when you apply for a visa. Visa processing for can take 6 – 8 weeks.

Before Departure

You must attend the mandatory TCU-Approved Program Orientation. Review information about Preparing to Depart and Health, Safety & Emergencies. Also, submit the pre-departure materials required by your partner provider and/or your university contact. This may include housing questionnaires, passport copies, course registration, etc. Follow the deadlines closely! Failure to do so will prevent you from studying abroad.

Arrival and On-Site Information

Follow the instructions provided by your study abroad provider. This information will include when to arrive, how to meet your group, and where you will be staying. During your first few days, you will attend an on-site orientation led by your provider.