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Announcing Two New Semester Programs!

The Center for International Studies is pleased to announce two new semester programs: TCU in Madrid and TCU in Rome, which will open in Spring 2017. The new programs will run alongside TCU’s other semester programs in Florence, London and Seville.

Collectively, they are known as TCU Semester or TCU in programs. Managed by Center for International Studies staff, students benefit from significant hands-on attention throughout the advising and pre-departure process. A TCU staff or faculty member also goes abroad with students for a start-up and mid-semester visit. In each location, TCU students enroll directly at a local university with classes taught by local professors.

Read on for more exciting information about the new programs:

TCU in Madrid is an extraordinary opportunity to attend a preeminent public university in Spain, while living in the city center of this vibrant international city. Students attend classes at Universidad Carlos III, featuring business and engineering, as well as economics, journalism, film studies, communication, humanities, sociology and political science. Students and faculty come from all over the world, making this a truly global educational opportunity.

TCU in Rome allows students to experience an historically rich environment, while studying in an American style university rooted in the liberal arts with a solid international focus. Students study and live in Trastevere, an enchanting cobblestone neighborhood along the Tiber River in the heart of Rome. Course offerings include business, foreign languages, humanities, math, science and communication. Internships are available and no prior language is required to be accepted to the program.