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Faculty-Led Global Learning Programs

Global Learning Programs are short-term study abroad programs led by TCU faculty. These programs provide rich, intensive, site-based learning opportunities for students.

The hallmarks of Global Learning Programs include:

  • Academic content contextualized in broader world and situated within the Center for International Studies’ Global Realities
  • Experiential and holistic learning opportunities
  • Academically rich programming which differ from classroom-based learning

Program Development

Full-time faculty at TCU are invited to submit proposals to lead a Global Learning Program. If you are interested in developing a GLP, please review these resources:

Faculty Toolkit:

Design Tips

Developing Global Competencies

Recruitment Strategies


The proposal process for summer study abroad programs is outlined in the Call for GLP 2018 Programs. To propose a program, complete the Proposal Materials-Phase 1.

If you would like to develop a faculty-led program for a time other than summer, please contact the Center.

Forms and Resources

Please note: the example reimbursement forms are abridged and edited. They demonstrate some best practices but are not the full reimbursement submitted.