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UNPR & INTR Courses

University Programs (UNPR) Courses

The Center offers a series of academic courses taught by Dr. Tracy Williams to enhance intercultural learning and global citizenship for study abroad students.

  • UNPR 30201 Engaged Global Citizenship is taken during a student’s semester abroad. The course provides a framework for cultivating effective and appropriate engagement with people and issues in the world, exploring the need for intercultural cooperation and global collaboration, and the tools for doing so.
  • UNPR 30302 Initiatives for Global Citizenship is a post-study abroad capstone course for students to use the knowledge and skills gained abroad as a springboard for global citizenship. The course provides students an opportunity to define their understanding of global citizenship, to explore global issues from multiple perspectives, and to consider how to take the competencies developed abroad and apply them in engagement with global issues. This course is required for the Certificate in International Studies.

Interdisciplinary (INTR) Courses

In partnership with faculty across the university, the Center offers a series of interdisciplinary courses through the TCU Global Academy, which explore a single issue (such as sustainability or social justice) in an international and interdisciplinary context. They include study on the TCU campus as well as on-site investigation abroad in order to gain a U.S. and global perspective. Together, the three classes satisfy Global Awareness in the TCU Core Curriculum.

  • INTR 30101 Interdisciplinary Explorations of Global Issues introduces the global issue to be investigated and prepares students for participation in the TCU Global Academy.
  • INTR 30203 TCU Global Academy coincides with participation in the TCU Global Academy, which explores a global issue within an international and interdisciplinary context.
  • INTR 30302 TCU Global Academy is a capstone class that synthesizes the lessons learned from the TCU Global Academy and applies them to a student’s area of study as well as other disciplines.