Summer Pre-Departure Information

What you get out of your trip will grow exponentially as a function of your preparation.  The more you read and learn about your destination and upcoming experience, the better it will be. Talk to others who have been abroad to get some insider tips.  

Requirments Before Departure

  1. Finish the online orientation on Studio Abroad and upload your health information to TCU's SOS website. Failure to complete both tasks by March 15 will result in an enrollment hold for Fall 2014.
  2. Confirm that your passport is valid or apply for a new one. If you are not a U.S. citizen, check to see if you will need a visa.
  3. Attend the pre-departure orientation meetings with your faculty leader.
  4. Wait to purchase your plane ticket. Once you are notified to do so, provide copies of your itinerary to the Center for International Studies and your faculty leader.
  5. If you will need academic accomodations, contact the Coodinator of Services for Students with Disabilities at the Center for Academic Services (Sadler 1011). All documentation must be complete prior to departure.


Important Policies to Review


Tips Before You Leave

  • Make copies or scans of important documents such as passports.
  • Consider your personal health and be sure you can handle your health needs in a new and challenging environement.  See a doctor and dentist for health check-ups and to discuss health-related issues for traveling.  Request enough prescription medicine for your entire stay.
  • Determine how you will pay expenses and access money while abroad. Make an emergency plan for lost or stolen credit cards. Consider giving parents power of attorney to act on your behalf.
  • Think carefully about what to pack. Keep in mind that you must manage all your luggage by yourself, and space may be limited in your accommodations.
  • Learn more about your country and culture by reviewing Cultural Learning, International SOS,, and the State Department's Country Background notes
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