Seville Pre-departure Information

Passports and Visas

  • All students must have a valid passport that does not expire for at least 6 months after the end of the program semester.  Applications are available at the post office or at  Make copies or scans of your passport.
  • You will be given further instructions about what steps you will need to take to secure a visa for Spain.
  • Passports are submitted with visa applications.  The visa is stamped inside your passport, and can 6 – 8 weeks for the Consulate to process the visas.  Therefore, you should not plan to travel outside the U.S. during the 2 months prior to your study abroad departure. 

Before Departure

  • You will be required to attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation at TCU and again upon arrival in Seville. You will also receive a handbook from TCU Study Abroad .
  • Review Academic Regulations, Code of Conduct, and Cultural Learning Information
  • Submit your flight itinerary to the Center for Intl. Studies.
  • If you live in TCU campus housing, inform Residential Services that you will be studying abroad.
  • Consider purchasing the International Student Identity Card, available for purchase at the TCU ID Center or the Trip Plus card.
  • If you need academic accommodations while abroad, contact the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities at TCU. TCU cannot guarantee academic accommodations, but will assist as needed. All documentation must be completed prior to departure.
  • Forward your TCU mail home.
  • Forward your TCU email to any other account you may use while abroad.
  • Notify your bank of countries you will visit and dates.
  • Make copies of bank cards and credit cards to keep in a secure location. Make an emergency plan for lost or stolen cards. Consider giving parents power of attorney to act on your behalf.
  • TCU recommends purchasingtravel insurance and personal property insurance.

Health and Safety

  • Read healthsafety and emergency information in your program handbook, the State Dept:, and the CDC:  Request prescriptions for your time away. 
  • See a doctor and dentist for general check-ups and to discuss travel-related health issues. 
  • Review SOS services; call them (215-942-8478) at any time prior to departure or while abroad for health and safety questions. 
  • TCU enrolls study abroad and travel abroad participants in Consolidated Health Plan medical insurance, providing coverage during the dates of the program abroad.  Please be aware that students will need to obtain their own coverage before and after program dates.  Review summary of benefits for full benefits and exclusions. 

Arrival and On-Site Information

  • Upon arrival in Seville, go to Hotel Zenit, del Corro 90).
  • TCU will organize an afternoon coffee or evening snack on the day you arrive. On Saturday, there will be orientation meetings and a walking tour. Your host families will pick you up at the hotel on Sunday.
  • The first week of the program will be Intensive Language Review.
  • Monday of the second week is the campus tour and Spanish language placement test. Tuesday is the academic orientation at the university; you will receive your course schedule & results of your placement test.  Courses start on Wednesday.
  • Because you are not enrolled in TCU classes, the TCU system will post 12 hours of coursework as a placeholder for study abroad. 
  • Your classes will not transfer back to TCU until 8 – 10 weeks after the semester ends. At that time, your correct number of hours will be posted to your TCU record. 

Resources and Materials

Upon acceptance, you will be sent a copy of the pre-departure handbook.  Please read it carefully. You can also learn more about Spain through the following sources:

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